The role of parents in child’s growth

Raising healthy and intelligent children is every parents dream. In some parents, it is more than obsession to raise competitive children. In other words, many parents use all ways and means to get their children to get the best education, training, bringing up possible to put their children ahead of the pack. Nonetheless, raising children is complex than simple mathematics of addition and multiplication. Indeed, raising a healthy and smart child needs persistence, perseverance, patience, and discipline on part of parents.

Parents are role models

Children begin their education at home with their mother. Mother takes an important lead to impart an early education even before children undergo formal schooling. Naturally, any building needs a strong foundation. Similarly, a strong moral, ethical trait, and behavioral conditioning plays an important and critical role in upbringing healthy children. Moreover, the young minds are easily amenable to build strong foundation at the early stages of childhood. In contrast, it is almost impossible to change the minds of teenagers, or adults, for example. Therefore, parents must seize the opportunity to mould the minds of their children for long term success. Nonetheless, parents make themselves a good example of the values they wish their children to learn, follow and propagate to next generation.

Parental responsibilities

Being a parent is a huge responsibility, because what you teach your children, will affect them their entire life. When you think about it, a parent has an incredible impact on another human being’s life, and that will certainly extend far into the child’s adult years. Interestingly, most people’s parenting skills were learned from their own parents, and that is normally how they raise their own children. Nonetheless, when you want your children to achieve more than you have, you have to set your bar little higher than your parents.

Aiming higher

You must set personal goals that would propel you to newer heights. Learning from mistakes of your parents, friends, peers, and colleagues, you must try to use every possible means such as motivation, discipline, and creative imagination, for instance, to achieve worldly success. In fact, the lessons you learned and experience you gained from your success will aid your children to learn from you thus enabling and preparing them to achieve much higher and bigger goals, for instance.

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